Heritage Dental - Your Trusted Family Dentist in Pottstown PA

Heritage Dental is a Pottstown Dentist Office. Our dentists, David C. Weigle, DMD, and Jeffrey B. Sameroff, DMD, have over 50 years of combined experience in dentistry, and offer a full range of quality dental services in the Pottstown, Pennsylvania area.

Our goal is to help our patients attain their highest level of oral health possible, both functionally and cosmetically. We will accomplish this in different ways and at different paces with different people. We recognize that all of our patients are individuals with different wants and needs.

It is our hope that by providing the best quality dental care possible, we will develop a family of enthusiastic and appreciative patients who will function on a higher level of health. Our patients will enthusiastically refer their family, friends and colleagues to our office for the same quality care they receive.

We continually work at increasing our knowledge, and improving our skills so that we can continue to offer the safest, most thorough and up-to-date care available in dentistry.

Learn more about us, and to get started contact us or request an appointment.

Dental Services

Dental Implants, Dental Check-ups, Plaque and Gum Disease, Dentures, Fillings and Crowns, Mouth Care, Oral Hygiene, Root Canal, Teeth Whitening, Wisdom Teeth, Tooth Decay, Dental Abscess. View details.

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